Freubad Solothurn, The most famous Swiss Sex Temple

Freubad Solothurn, The most famous Swiss Sex Temple

Freubad Solothurn is a small town in Switzerland that has become famous for its swinging community. The town was founded by Swiss artist Max Freudenberg in 1892, and today it attracts people from all over the world.

Why should I visit this place?

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional sex clubs, then you might want to consider visiting Freubad Solthun. This is one of the few places where you can find a variety of sexual activities without having to worry about being judged.

What will I find at Freubad Solothurn?

You’ll find everything from swinging to role play to BDSM. There are also plenty of opportunities for people who just want to enjoy some fun with other consenting adults.

Is it safe to visit?

It’s easy to see why Freubad Solothurn is so popular. It’s located in the beautiful city of Solothurn, Switzerland, and has been operating since 1999. It’s one of the oldest sex clubs in Europe.

Where can I stay?

There are several hotels nearby, as well as plenty of hostels. If you’re planning to visit during the summer months, make sure to book early.

What about the prices?

Prices vary by season and day, so check with the hotel directly before booking. You can also use our price comparison tool to find the cheapest deals.

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